About DIEM

DIEM tracks your diabetes. It supports the two most widely-used, accepted units (mg/dl and mmol/l) for measuring your blood sugar with a glucometer. The initial release will run on Windows, independently of any particular glucometer. So when one stops functioning... DIEM is still there for you.

DIEM can record each and every one of your glucometer readings, but they can sometimes be difficult to interpret - you end up with so much data, you can't see the forest for the trees! DIEM draws helpful charts to give you an instant, clear and graphic idea about which way your diabetes is headed, as well as calculating your average sugar level, plus a value called the Standard Deviation, which measures how much your sugar tends to vary from its average.

To make these calculations, DIEM looks at the current reading, plus all other readings entered over the previous 50 days. By effectively smoothing extreme readings, these statistics can offer an even clearer picture of how you're trending. And you can save all of DIEM's graphs into image files, to either print, or use in other applications.

DIEM doesn't tie you to a specific glucometer (or its software), but does allow you to associate each and every reading with a particular monitor. And you can introduce new monitors into DIEM as you need them, just by giving them a name of your choice. The table view within DIEM allows you to easily group all this information, and might help to identlfy if one glucometer gives erratic readings, say.

Of course, we know that many glucometers already come with proprietary software so that you can see your data on a computer, so DIEM will support the import and export of your data in delimited files. Just tell DIEM the name of the import file, and the locations of a couple of key pieces of data (the timestamp and the value), and you're away. You can import either one line at a time, controlling which rows are imported into DIEM, or automatically, so you can grab a coffee while DIEM just gets on with things.

Other features

A family-friendly application, which also respects your privacy

Our Limits

The future...

DIEM uses different Windows logins to split data from different users. So the whole family, if you want, can use DIEM on the same computer. But at the same time, you have the same level of privacy from each other as you do with other Windows applications.

We wrote DIEM to try and make it clear to you how your diabetes is going. We know that people are different and DIEM still needs a human brain at the end of the process, to decide whether your readings need further action or not. This might be you, or might be your doctor or nurse. Certainly if you are in any doubt, you should contact them to review your readings and your medication.

Our plan is that, once we're happy with DIEM, we'll release it free-of-charge, to help as many people as possible to keep track of their diabetes. We already have plans for another version, possibly which allows you to track any medication you might be taking, or coming up with versions for different devices like an iPad, but for now...

Preview DIEM

Diem requires the Microsoft .NET framework 4.6 or above. If you have not already installed it, the .NET Framework Runtime may be downloaded, free of charge, from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/ or via the button below. Please check that your system meets or exceeds both the hardware and software requirements of the Microsoft .NET 4.6 Framework, which are detailed at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/get-started/system-requirements.

Download .NET Framework Runtime

Once you have installed .NET 4.6 or above, you can download and instal a preview version DIEM by clicking:

Download DIEM

Known Issues with DIEM

DIEM License


Lastly, please note that this is pre-release software, so any of these features might change as we cram more features into the application, and respond to user feedback.